A former professional full-scale off-road racer, Trent has found his way back into the dirt through RC short course racing. One of his truest statements is “1/10th scale RC racing is a ton of fun but with only 1/10th the budget of the real thing.”

Growing up in a family of off-road and motorcycle enthusiasts, Trent started riding motorcycles at the age of three. He later raced BMX as a youngster and then short course RC as a teenager before jumping into full-scale off-road racing at the age of 16.

Driving in the SODA and CORR series throughout the Midwest in the 1990’s, Trent was a fierce competitor in primarily independent, family-owned vehicles. The pinnacle of his racing career came as a Super Buggy competitor in 1992-98, facing off against current off-road superstars such as Johnny Greaves, Chad Hord, and Jerry Whelchel. His best finish was in the 1997 SODA series on ESPN, finishing fourth in the year-end points.

A native of Rockford, Illinois, Trent is a quality technician at SPX Hydraulic Technologies. His first foray into RC racing was with an original gold pan Associated RC10, but then had to put the car on the shelf when he went into full-scale racing. He briefly dabbled in nitro RC action with a Traxxas TMaxx a few years back and recently completed his first full season of electric racing, finishing fourth in the Pro 4 class in the Race Em RC Series in Rockford.