Layton and Wickum Win At Outback Raceway’s 2015 JConcepts Fall Brawl

The annual Fall Brawl hosted at the Outback Raceway in Chico, Ca. Racers from all over the west coast came ready to race against each other in a 2 day buggy triple A main format. All other classes have single A mains. With over 220 entries in this two day event, there were battles all weekend long in every calss. The Bmiller Racing team had an awesome weekend reaching the podium in 5 classes. Kyle Layton with wins in Pro 2wd Stock buggy and Open 2wd Short Course. Terry Wickum with a win in Stock Short course. Justin Moon with a second place in Open 2wd Buggy. Todd Pearson gets second in 40+ Stock 2wd Buggy and a 4th place finish overall in Pro Stock 2wd Buggy.





40+ Stock 2wd Buggy top three:

1st: Dujuan Moore (TQ)
2nd:Todd Pearson
3rd: Jack Ingberg





Open 2wd Buggy top three:

1st: Cj Jelin
2nd: Justin Moon
3rd: Eric Albano





Open 2wd Short Course top three:

1st: Kyle Layton (TQ)
2nd: Kevin Jelich
3rd: Jason Moberly





Pro Stock Buggy top three:

1st: Kyle Layton (TQ)
2nd: Charlie Cavalier
3rd: Jamee Gardner





Stock 2wd Short Course top three:

1st: Terry Wickum (TQ)
2nd: Jeff Lorenzo
3rd: Jacob Ramey

Kyle Layton and Terry Wickum set the pace with win’s

Six members of the BMiller Race Team took part in the annual JConcepts Outback Shootout at’s Outback Raceway in Chico, CA 2015. The team’s results were impressive with four podium finishes, including individual class victories from Kyle Layton and Terry Wickum.

Kyle Layton dominated the competition in all three of his classes by setting TQ for all three. Then finishing the weekend with two wins in Open Short Course, 13.5 4wd Buggy and a second in Pro Stock Buggy. Terry Wickum rounded out the BMiller podium showings with a First in Stock Short Course, fourth in Open 2 Wheel Drive Short Course and eighth place finish in Pro Stock Buggy.Brian Strange ran well all day but came up just shy of getting on the box with fourth place showings in Open 2wd Buggy and 4wd Buggy. Justin Moon ran well all weekend in Open 2wd Buggy with a seventh place finish in the A Main. Todd Pearson ran well all weekend setting TQ for 40+ Stock Buggy and  a respectable finish in the A Main.


BMiller Racing’s Lou Figueria loves to race his Losi SCTE 2.0, and last weekend that was apparent with a schedule that included a race in Southern California on Saturday and one in Northern California on Sunday. After more than 600 miles traveled over the course of 48 hours, Figueria returned to Sacramento with a pair of victories to show for his efforts.

The race weekend started with the four-hour trek to Bakersfield for the Grand Opening Shootout at Rainman’s Hobby and Raceway. After the two qualifying rounds, Figueria earned the TQ and started at the front of the grid for the six-minute A main. Big Lou dominated the main, leading from start to finish to earn weekend victory number one.

After the award ceremony Figueria left Rainman’s and headed up to the Bay Area to the legendary Nor Cal Hobbies & Raceway in Union City for the annual Toys For Tots Race. Again earning the TQ on Sunday morning, he sat on the pole for the double A mains and did not disappoint, winning both A1 and A2 to stand on top of the box in the late afternoon.

So with two victories in as many days in two different parts of the state, Figueria jumped back in his truck for the relatively short drive back to Sacramento to complete his 48-hour RC racing odyssey. But Big Lou won’t be idle for long. After a couple days of work in the real world, he will be right back out there whipping his SCTE 2.0 on the big jumps of a local track somewhere.

Big Lou’s Winning Combo from A Main Hobbies
Car – Losi SCTE 2.0
Radio – Futaba 4PKS
Servo – ProTek R/C 130SS
Motor – Tekin Pro4 HD
ESC – RX8 Gen2
Battery – ProTek R/C Supreme Power 7000 mAh 100c
Tires – JConcepts Bar Codes (gold)
Wheels – DE Racing White Borrego
Drive System – MIP “Pucks” Pro4mance Pack